You’re The Universe

You’re a human form of the universe. You are a mini-universe. You’re a creator. If you allow the energy of the universe to flow through your consciousness, you can get answers and directions for whatever desire you want to achieve. Why? Because the reason why you’re here is to create. The universe wants you to create. You are given a choice to create or destroy beauty in your life.

If you allow yourself to be guided by the universe you’ll get answers for all your questions. You’re a way in which the universe accelerates it’s creative process. You’re a child of god. You are god. We are all one. Heaven and hell are within you. You can choose which one you will manifest on earth.

The universe lets you create whatever you want to create. It guides you (if you allow it to) and when you decide what you want, it gives you the resources to achieve it because you are the universe.

The only way you can let the universe know what you want is through your thoughts and actions. What you think about is what you want to create. The universe then gives you the resources to manifest what you think about. BUT… sometimes it’s not enough just to think about it. You have to use your human form to take action. You must be congruent with your desires and then you will get what you want.

 What does being congruent with your desires mean?

It means you can’t take action towards becoming a millionaire all day long but think negatively all the time. The universe manifests your thoughts and you go and get your manifestation through taking action. It also means that you can’t think about how you want to be a millionaire all the time, and when the opportunity to achieve your desire comes – not lift a finger. This is incongruence.

All our goals are achievable if we are persistently moving towards them with our actions and thoughts.

So lets say you have a desire to earn a 1000 000$ this year.

  • Your first step would be to imagine everyday what you would do if you have all these money. Feel as if you already have it. Do not let any negative thoughts flood your mind when it comes to financial terms. No complaining or worrying about the bills.
  • The second step would be to take action when the idea comes to you. So you’ve been thinking about these 1 000 000$ for two months now and you’re positive about it. And all of a sudden – BAM. A great idea hits you. You look at it and you really do believe you can achieve it. Now the universe provided the means to achieve your goal. At this point a lot of people will start worrying – “This is a silly idea, if this was possible someone else could have done it… etc”. Especially if you have to do something you’ve never done before to make the idea happen. This is your negative conditioning, and it’s exactly what has been keeping you broke all this time.

What you must do now is, again change your thinking and take action. Think positively and believe that you’ll get the 1 000 000$, believe that you can do it. If that’s hard, start with just pretending that you believe it.

When you do this as well – it’s just a matter of time to achieve your desire. But you have to be persistent. It’s not easy to change the way you think. But it’s worth it. You are already the creator of your life. Whether you think positively or negatively you’re manifesting your thoughts anyway. You don’t actually have a choice in attracting…but you have a choice in what you attract.


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