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What Is The True Potential of a Human Being?

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We’re like a seeds. Seeds which have the ability to decide when to grow, what to take in and what to become. All of us are in the ground right now. Surrounded by good circumstances and bad circumstances. If we decide to take in the bad circumstances, if we decide to see the negative in everything we’ll die. All our potential will die. If we decide to take in the good circumstances, focus on what’s possible, think of what we can do and what we find beautiful, we will flourish. As individuals and as species.

You see, a seed can become a humongous tree. There are some in the world that are hundreds of meters high. Not many, but there are some of those. Life flourishes around them. Plants grow. Animals find food, shelter… Have you ever seen one of those huge trees in the middle of the desert? Animals go there to get some shelter and hide from the blazing sun. These trees are like those people who had terrible life circumstances but they somehow manage to stand tall, grow and become what they were meant to be. They make the world a better place. They give inspiration to those who need it. They allow life to blossom in a desert.

But I want you to think about this, if we are in a forest where one of those humongous hundred meter trees resides in, what do we have to do to destroy all that? Just set a little branch on fire. And from there on the whole forest will turn into ashes. Now, I want to ask you, is that a bad thing? Who says so?

Maybe in a couple hundred years a new seed will open up and grow and set the foundation for an even richer fauna?

What I want you to realize is we all have the capability to destroy something beautiful no matter how insignificant we think out actions and lives are, but we also have the capability, just like the seed, to open up,allow the love of the universe flow through us and become a huge tree that allows life to blossom around it. However, I also want you to realize that no matter what has happened in the past, in the context of a longer time frame it will eventually lead to something good for somebody, just like the burning of the branch led to the destruction of a forest and eventually to the creation of a new one. That’s how the universe works. So we should not dwell on our mistakes, but also if we want to have a fulfilling life we should allow ourselves to grow, shine, blossom.

Every little thing is important, and everything changes. When you look at it from the point of view of a human being, you’re here for just a few decades, and not much change will occur compared to the change that has happened in the last billion years. But all the things you’ll create are no less significant than the disaster that destroyed the dinosaurs. (By the way, if the dinosaurs were still alive, do you think we as species would exist or evolve at the level that we have?) Because the universe is like a big lake and everything you throw into it creates a rippling effect. Our thoughts, actions and lives are like stones thrown into the middle of it. A whole life might be like a little pebble and just an idea might shake the whole universe. Nevertheless, every single thing matters.

Now I want you to think about our species for a moment. In my opinion we’re like the shepherds of the universe. We have tremendous power that gives us an undeniable responsibility – Consciousness. We bend laws. We disassemble reality. We create. We destroy. We create.

Then are we more significant than lets say a frog? No. Yes.

In the context of the whole universe’s existence – of course not. The atoms of the frogs body might have once belonged to Hitler, or Einstein or the first living organism. You name it.

But we also have much more options and therefore responsibility.

A human being with just an idea – a little thought, might destroy the whole planet. Or create new species. Or create a new planet… Is that really possible you ask? Yes. Maybe you’re the one who’ll do it. Who knows? You know. You just have to decide. We cannot know what is impossible. We can only know what’s possible

You can destroy the world or turn it into heaven. You have that power. You can allow love to flow in you and become the ‘big tree in the desert’ for your family, friends, people who are starving in Africa. You can change lives. Open up. Shine. Love.

Now, dear reader, what do you think is the best way to live up to your true potential?

Please comment and share your thoughts and opinions. I’m open for discussion and I love and respect different points of view.

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