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The Reflexive Universe

The universe, god or whatever you want to call it has the ability think about itself. In an earlier post I talked about how we are a human manifestation of the universe. Now in this post I’ll try to sum up a few concepts that are boiling in my mind and in the end you’ll be the judge how much sense I make.

As human beings, we give the universe the ability to have thoughts about itself. Actually right now, as you’re reading this and you’re thinking of the universe you’re using that ability of the universe – reflexiveness. The cool things about this is that when you think about “GOD” and I think about “GOD” we have totally different representations.

Let me give you an example. Think of a car. What did you think about? Chances are that the car you thought about is totally different than what I thought about.

But this is not all. You’re not just using the universes ability of reflexiveness when you think about your representation of “GOD” or “UNIVERSE”. You’re doing it all the time.

When you think about your mom, dad, a car, or when you look at a stone, or when you’re swimming, basically every single thought you have is the universe being reflexive – thinking about itself. Why? You’re a manifestation of the universe… and all the things you think about – dad, mom or the car are a part of the universe and manifestations of it.

When you’re thinking about yourself you’re thinking about the universe.

Again in an earlier post I said that we are a mini-universe. Here’s what I mean.

You have the ability to think about yourself. – Reflexiveness. Now when you think about your fingernails, you’re still thinking about yourself right? But in a much more concentrated context. It’s the same thing when you think of a car. You’re still thinking about the universe, but in a much more concentrated form than when you think of the word “universe”.

After all this babble, I hope at least somebody got what I meant. But in essence the practical knowledge you should remember is what people mean when they say “You see the mirror image of yourself in others” might actually be interpreted in this way: You look at someone, and at their core you see the beauty of the universe. Well, you’re actually looking at your own beauty.

I really want to hear other opinions about this and if you think this makes sense comment, or tell me why you think it doesn’t make sense. I’m not rigid about my ideas and just like you I’m trying to learn.

2 thoughts on “The Reflexive Universe”

  1. It's all one and connected to each other right ? We are all beautiful and capable ? That is how I understood it . If that is not correct please let me know

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