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The Artist’s Way Week 1 – Review and Thoughts

What I have done

Week one:

Morning pages: Check!!! VVV
Artist’s date: Check!!! VVV
Tasks/Exercises: Done! VVV

In the beginning I was super elated, and I attributed it to me starting The Artist’s Way. I may have been right, but as the HIGH is now gone, I think it was mainly because I allowed myself to just live and do what I want and feel like for a change, instead of just thinking about it.

The morning pages have been very helpful in clearing up my thoughts. Usually I resist the negative thoughts that I think, and after doing the morning pages for a week I realize these resisted thoughts have been weighing me down a lot. Writing down whatever comes to my mind seems to free me from whatever I had written down. It’s like a shower for my thoughts. And it also helps me get my thoughts together and set up my day. Definitely do it!

Other than that, on the Artist’s date I  went and bought myself a little notebook where I wrote down some stuff while I was out sitting on a bench. Here we go:

“What is fun?”
“Most fun kiss?”
“First kiss”
“More specific?”
“Long awaited, but unexpected”
“Have you had one?”
“How was it?”
“My heart was going to pop out!!!”
“But how was the kiss?”

so yeah, and some other stuff too. There was also some synchronicity. I had wanted to go to a specific gallery in my town, which had been advertised all over the main street and I was thrilled. I was like maybe I will go there on my Artist’s date. Well, I was going to do a google maps search to see where it is, but I chickened out and didn’t do it, cus I though it would be weird just going there by myself, all alone. Meeeh. The same day I also wanted to go and get myself a yoga mat. As I went into the sports shop, I noticed a big building sign that said “Gallery, exhibition, blabla”. I was like THIS IS MY OPPORTUNITY. When I was coming back from the shop, I went in and asked if I can go and look at the pictures. (I have never been to a gallery alone, so I don’t know how it goes, I didn’t know if they would want money from me or anything, so I was very timid). Anyway the woman was super nice and said the the exhibition ended yesterday but the pictures were still in so I can go in and look around. It turns out this gallery was the gallery I actually wanted to visit in the first place.  It was marvellous. I am not really into pictures and interpreting them so I didn’t understand much of it, some of it I did though. Regardless if I consciously got the idea, I was amazed and elated.

Another thing I did was I did some recordings on my thoughts on the morning pages, artist’s date and etc, basically what I think of the process, but I didn’t upload it because I was sick during the recording so it’s a constant coughing session with some speaking in between. I will most likely redo them as I get better.

Another thing that happened this week was I started exercising my body. I hadn’t done this in a year. Damn. I was sooooooore. But now it’s kinda better. I started Focus T25. Wednesday I began, and have done a video a day, according to the schedule. Feels awesome!

Any new ideas? YES!

I have also been writing sporadically, but nothing mind-blowing. The real kicked came yesterday (sixth day of Artists Way) when I got some ideas about making money. This is big for me, because for nearly 2-3 years I haven’t done anything when it comes to making money online. And now I am working on it and have some awesome ideas.

What else? This article.

I haven’t published anything in my blog in a while. In the summer I wrote some articles for self-improvement but I think they generally sucked because I did them because I felt like I needed to, not because I wanted to. With this one it is different. I am inspired to write this.

So yeah. This is it. Till next week, chicas and boys, subscribe and I will keep you posted!

1 thought on “The Artist’s Way Week 1 – Review and Thoughts”

  1. I like your idea about writing down your negative thoughts. I keep a journal and write down anything that comes to mind typically, but the strange thing is I was always afraid to write down everything I was thinking about because I was afraid someone might get into it and start snooping. Journals are meant to be private, after all.

    I am thinking of being brave and starting an online journal of sorts about living with bipolar disorder, but I’m hesitant because I don’t know if people will even read it or they may think I’m a weirdo for writing it. I have another blog, but it’s on another subject, lessons I’ve learned as a Christian. Definitely different. 🙂 Anyway, I just found your site this morning, and I wanted to wish you good luck with your art adventures. I believe getting to know ourselves is one of the most important things we can do as human beings.

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