How To See The Beauty in Everything?

Do you remember how when you were a kid you were fascinated by everything? Do you still remember the time when you saw someone suffering and how you wanted to help them now, not later? Do you still remember your true nature? Do you still remember how to see beyond the form?

Today I was doing my meditation and a thought popped in my mind. I tested it, looked back to my own experiences and now I think my conclusion is correct. Now I want you to test and judge it too.

The way to see beyond form is not to look with your mind but with your heart. Another expression that basically says the same thing is – feel love. However, this love is not rooted in reason. You simply love. You don’t need excuses for your love. If you are able to do that you will see that whatever you feel love towards is beautiful.

Of course this is not the grand secret of the century. However, how many people do this? In my own case, I have always found that moments of “love without excuses” or “seeing beyond the form” have caused me to fall in love. Look at your own memories…you might have experienced something similar.

You see the true nature of human being…you see that they are just like you no matter if they are angry, sad, crazy or killing people. You see the beauty beyond their actions, beyond their thoughts,beyond their form. You see that there is something eternal in everything and in everyone.

Would you like to be able to do this all the time?

I’ll give instructions for a quick meditations, and after you do it share your experiences in the comments section.

A relaxing piece of music might enhance your experience so feel free to let something play in the background.

Close your eyes… (NOT YET, first read the instructions!!!)

Alright, take 3 deep breaths in and let them out.

As you relax, put your hands on your heart. Start breathing in your heart. After a few breaths start feeling the strength of your heart. The beauty of your heart.

Pick an image of someone. It might be you. It might be someone you love. It might be someone that irritates you or angers you. If you are new to this, I’d suggest you to pick an image of yourself.

Still breathing in your heart…look at that image. Look at that person. Remember that person was a little baby once… A little baby unaware of anything… look at his heart and realize that there’s something eternal that connects the both of you… realize…we’re here for just a flicker…yet…every cell in your body will be here forever…yes, he might have hurt you…but haven’t you hurt anybody in your life? Are you a saint? When you breathe into your heart, don’t you realize that there’s something unbelievably beautiful inside you? I know there is…and I probably haven’t even seen you. Yet we are somehow connected. How come you came upon my website and you’re reading this? There are no incidents in life. Everyone we meet is a teacher. Everyone has something to offer you. Now when you look at the image of that person, what does he want to teach you?

Stay in this state for however long you desire…

I realize that this is a pretty long instruction so I will create an audio version of it this weekend. In the meanwhile, comment and share your experiences and thoughts.


Do you know of any other methods/meditations that would allow us to open up our hearts and see the true nature of things? SHARE!


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