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How To Accept Yourself

Do you accept yourself? Or you are constantly unhappy, depressed, angry at the world at large for giving you this life instead of another? The reason for most negative emotions is two fold – first we do not wish to accept our situation or who we are. Secondly, and this largely affects the first, we do not believe we have a choice in the matter, so even if we do accept it, it won’t improve anything. This is false. A misconception that I believe exists at large is that if you accept your situation, you won’t be motivated to change. Bullshit.

With self-acceptance you will gain the following:

– Peace
– Energy to move forward and improve

So before I continue, I want you to quickly identify the reason of your unhappiness. Is it some genetic manifestation in your body, or maybe an external situation? Is it some ability that you have or don’t have? Don’t dwell on it, just first thing that pops in your mind.
The truth is, if you have a problem with something genetic, some things can be changed, and some – are harder to change. Your hair colour – easy to alter. You height – if you’re willing to use props, like high heel shoes – still easy to alter. Though if you want your hair to be naturally dark, or you want to be 6,1 naturally… and you are 30 year old… It may take you some time. I personally think it is possible to grow much taller and make genetic change – after all, we were growing like  crazy for the first couple of years of our lives, and then a switch was turned off, and we stopped. So all you need to do is find a way to turn that switch back on, and then focus it on your HEIGH for example. Regardless, this is beside the point.
Another thing you may want to change and you do not accept yet might be your external conditions – your financial situation, your relationship, your work etc.

So what are we trying to achieve here? We are going to be at PEACE with our situation. We won’t feel bad about it. At peace. It is what it is.  So how do we do that?
There are many ways, and at the end of this article I will post a link to a short meditation that I have recorded which may also help you out. Something you can do are:

*Stop comparing yourself to others. Comparison is an act of violence against the self. We are all unique and there is beauty in all of us. Wherever we are, we are always in the process of moving forward to something else.
*Stop abusing yourself. If you are not at peace, you probably have a voice in your head that constantly repeats stuff that make you feel bad about yourself. Notice it. And let it go. Would you spend time with a friend like that? Who constantly verbally abuses you? No? Then let that voice go as well.
*Start a gratitude list. Be grateful for all the things you do have. Eyes. Ears. Hands. Legs. Heart that’s been pumping blood through your veins tirelessly all your life. And you never said thank you to them. What if you didn’t have any of those things? How would you feel then? We are richer than we give ourselves credit for, but we constantly focus on what we don’t have. If you bough that Ferarri, you wouldn’t hesitate to sell it if you needed the money. But would you sell your eyes, or legs, or hands for the price of a sports car? They are priceless.

This is a short meditation that I recorded a while a go that might help you feel at peace.


If you need some private help on a specific issue, you can also drop me an e-mail. Contact information at the top of the page.

Have a great day!

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  1. I totally agree with you. It’s insane when you think about the amount of people that hate themselves and use all kinds of escapist ways to avoid being alone with their thoughts. Not only that, but they hold themselves back from actually experiencing life. If only they knew about your site. 🙂

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