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I am the owner and the main author of I am interested in the law of attraction, psychology, meditation and all sorts of self-improvement stuff, so incidentally this is what I write about. Most of my articles and products are mainly for me, and this blog is a byproduct of me organizing my knowledge & expressing it in my own way.

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How To Be More Productive

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There are periods when everything seems to flow, and then there are stretches of time where it seems like you may be stuck in a rut. No movement. So how do you go about improving this and being more productive?

How To Accept Yourself

Do you accept yourself? Or you are constantly unhappy, depressed, angry at the world at large for giving you this life instead of another? The reason for most negative emotions is two fold – first we do not wish to accept our situation or who we are. Secondly, and this largely affects the first, we do not believe we have a choice in the matter, so even if we do accept it, it won’t improve anything. This is false. A misconception that I believe exists at large is that if you accept your situation, you won’t be motivated to change. Bullshit.

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