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The Artist’s Way Week 1 – Review and Thoughts

What I have done Week one: Morning pages: Check!!! VVV Artist’s date: Check!!! VVV Tasks/Exercises: Done! VVV In the beginning I was super elated, and I attributed it to me starting The Artist’s Way. I may have been right, but as the HIGH is now gone, I think it was mainly because I allowed myself […]

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How To Accept Yourself

Do you accept yourself? Or you are constantly unhappy, depressed, angry at the world at large for giving you this life instead of another? The reason for most negative emotions is two fold – first we do not wish to accept our situation or who we are. Secondly, and this largely affects the first, we […]

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Why And How Does Time Heal?

Have you ever been in a place where you thought you could never feel normal again? Something happened, someone did something that completely destroyed you? Then what happened? Eventually you got over it. Slowly but surely you were able to smile again. Then you could laugh. You may have ever got back to your normal […]

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The Reflexive Universe

The universe, god or whatever you want to call it has the ability think about itself. In an earlier post I talked about how we are a human manifestation of the universe. Now in this post I’ll try to sum up a few concepts that are boiling in my mind and in the end you’ll […]

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You’re The Universe

You’re a human form of the universe. You are a mini-universe. You’re a creator. If you allow the energy of the universe to flow through your consciousness, you can get answers and directions for whatever desire you want to achieve. Why? Because the reason why you’re here is to create. The universe wants you to […]

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What Is The True Potential of a Human Being?

We’re like a seeds. Seeds which have the ability to decide when to grow, what to take in and what to become. All of us are in the ground right now. Surrounded by good circumstances and bad circumstances. If we decide to take in the bad circumstances, if we decide to see the negative in […]

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