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About Me

What is this website about? It is mainly about me sharing my knowledge with the world, in a neat & organized way.

History of this website:

I began it around 2013 , with the idea of helping people improve themselves. By then I was heavily into self-improvement and had accumulated a body of knowledge I was applying in my life, and I was much happier than most people around me. I still am. I was also considered fairly crazy, one part of it coming from the fact that I was excessively happy & content, another from the fact that I was pretty confident and did some things others considered crazy. I also owned up to these definitions, and cherished them, and enjoyed them. This is where the name of the blog came from –

So in essence this blog is about cherishing your difference and being happy about it. My goal was not to create & teach people how to be like me, but about teaching people to like & enjoy themselves.

Purpose of this website:

It is 2017 right now, and I have finally decided on what to do with this little corner of the internet called I have begun creating a personal knowledgebase, mainly for myself, in order to organize my knowledge and thoughts, so I can come back & use them in the future when I need to.

This website is mainly about things that have enhanced my own life. It is about my own thoughts and my philosophy about life. It is about knowledge that I believe will be useful to myself in the future, if I ever need it.

So why a blog, and not just keep this to myself, in my hard-drive?

  1. A blog allows me to interact with people. So, I can get suggestions & different opinions, and learn from the experience of others as well. Therefore I welcome comments. With that said, go and comment on one of my articles.
  2. It allows me to give back. I have benefited tremendously from the knowledge found in the internet, so now it is my turn to give.
  3. It forces me to write for an audience. Knowing I am writing for an audience makes me organize my thoughts and report them in a more presentable manner – If I were the only one to read something, I can just write a short note or a paragraph, and I am done with it. But writing for a group of people makes me consider my wording and outline, making sure everything can be understood from a complete novice.
  4. I can also earn money from a blog, so that’s a nice extra.

Disclaimer:  You are responsible for your own life.

Please note that my purpose is not to influence you and motivate you. My purpose is to MOTIVATE & INFLUENCE myself, in a future point in time, when I might need this knowledge. My purpose is to TEACH you how to do it yourselves. So in essence I am sharing tools – be it just thoughts, or whole processes – intended for a specific purpose. It is entirely up to you to apply them, and I am not making any outrageous claims that I will change your life. I won’t. I will share knowledge & tools that changed my life, and I believe can be useful to other people, but you will or will not do the rest.

A nice metaphor I can think of right now is the saw. I recently made myself a meditation bench. For that purpose, I needed wood, and a saw to cut that wood with. So, I bought the wood, and I bought the saw. You can consider my blog and all my products as the SAW. Buying the saw didn’t magically made me the owner of a meditation bench. I still had to measure, cut and do lots of other things. Having the saw made it significantly easier to cut and shape the wood to my desired shape, but the saw by itself is just a tool. I had to summon the strength and guide it with my hand. And this is exactly how you should view this blog. The power & responsibly is in you, I am just here to help and make it easier for you to create the masterpiece that is you, once you decide to uncover it.